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Washing powder

Washing powder is a product for washing all kinds of clothes. This product comes in two forms:

1- Manual: For hand washing
2- Machine: For washing with washing machine

Laundry powder has a unit called Activite, which is used to determine the activity and cleansing power. It has numbers between 8 to16. Usually, the lowest activity for exporting is number 8 . The higher the number of this unit, the higher the quality and price of the product will be.

Product Price List

Product NameHS CodeUnit price($)Total price($)/tons
Detergent powder 300 gr3402-200 – 600
Detergent powder 450 gr box3402-250 - 550
Detergent powder 500 gr box3402-220 - 520
Detergent powder 500 gr bag3402-210 -510
Detergent powder 900 gr bag3402-200 - 500
Detergent powder 3000 gr bag3402-255 - 555
Detergent powder 5000 gr bag3402-260 - 460
Detergent powder 10 KG3402-230 - 420
Detergent powder 20 KG3402-305 - 405
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Chira detergent company started its activity in 2002 with management unit for processing, custom handling and supply of sanitary detergents, to supply raw materials ( chemical materials) needed by the country’s manufacturing units on the one hand, and to export them abroad on the other hand.

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